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SFMTA Operator Team Site

Video Message

Please watch the below video from Director Jeff Tumlin and SFMTA Chief Security Officer Kimberly Burrus as they speak about our agency's enforcement values of de-escalation, compassion and equity.


Online Bidding

To keep all employees safe from COVID-19, SFMTA will transition to have Operators complete their bids online in the next signup. Paper choice slips and in-person bidding will not be offered during the COVID-19 crisis.

All Operators are now authorized to bid online. Having 1-on-1 training is optional, not required. We encourage Operators to view the video tutorial to prepare and follow up with a call to the hotline with any questions or to schedule a virtual training.

Human Resources Update (COVID-19)

It is our commitment to provide you with the most updated information as it becomes available. Please send your HR related questions to

HR COVID-19 Page

For general City and County of San Francisco information, please visit:

SF CENtral Logo.png

City Emergency Child and Youth Care Services

The city is providing free emergency child and youth care to essential employees that meet certain criteria. Visit the city's information and registration link page. If you have trouble registering, contact or 628-652-2900 (Reference access code: 954322)

Frontline Worker Housing Program

San Francisco’s Front-Line Worker Housing (FLWH) Program provides complimentary hotel accommodations to City workers who are directly impacted by or face greater exposure to COVID-19 while performing essential duties.

COVID-19 Testing

The City is providing appointment-only COVID-19 testing for SFMTA operators at no cost at: The results will be shared with designated SFMTA Human Resources staff to ensure that proper follow-up occurs. Employees who go for testing and are symptomatic need to remain out of the workplace until they receive their test result. An employee who receives a positive test result will need to remain out of the workplace for at least 14 days.

Disaster Service Workers (DSW)

Floating Holidays

For regularly scheduled employees performing essential services who must remain in the workplace, SFMTA will provide 8 hours of floating holidays (FHP) for every 40 hours of regularly scheduled hours worked (WKP) in the workplace (i.e., 0.2 FHP hours for every hour of WKP), up to a maximum of 80 hours of floating holiday over the duration of the emergency. Part-time employees are eligible for a prorated number of hours. SFMTA will credit these floating holiday hours in the first full pay period after the end of the emergency. As with other floating holidays, these hours are not subject to cash out.

Additional 80 Hours of Sick Time (cov)

Additional SFMTA Paid Sick Leave Allocation (COV). The SFMTA provided all regularly scheduled employees an additional 80 hours of new paid sick leave that employees can use for any sick leave related purpose (i.e., not limited to COVID19 related reasons) and for school closures. Part-time employees receive a pro-rated number of hours. Employees hired on or after April 2, 2020, are not eligible for these additional sick pay hours. SFMTA will use a specific pay code for this additional sick leave (e.g., pay code 'COV'). This additional sick leave expires on December 31, 2020. Additional update as of 4/13: The COV sick time does not need to be used before ESP is applied.

COVID-19 Priority Service

Agency News

Wellness Updates

Support Services Available

The images from the news, both locally and from around the country, have increased the sadness and trauma that many are already feeling due to the death of George Floyd. This additional anxiety, on top of the current public health crisis, is something that none of us have experienced before. As we cope with these higher levels of anxiety, we want to prevent this prolonged stress from creating longer-term personal issues that affect you, your quality of life and the workplace. To help, the SFMTA is providing mental health support services for staff and their family members through CARE, the agency's mental health support services, and Heal San Francisco, a service provided through the city.

Please use these resources to care for your mental and physical well-being. YOU are important to the SFMTA.


Kimberly Ackerman, HR Director

SFMTA CARE Program; Free and confidential professional counseling for personal issues that affect your quality of life. 1.800.834.3773

Peer Assistance Program for emphatic, thoughtful one-on-one support. Connect with a Peer 24/7 at 415.923.6346

Heal San Francisco connects employees to counseling services and 24/7 mental health care, much the same way as the agency's CARE program. Contact Heal San Francisco at 415.554.0610 or 800.795.2351. Heal San Francisco's clinicians represent diverse backgrounds and offer multilingual services. Heal San Francisco's services are confidential and will not be shared with your employer.